HOW TO FEEL HAPPY EVERY DAY (No Resolution New Year Day 1)

This isn’t clickbait. This isn’t a gimmick. This is a real deal path on how to experience happiness on a daily basis. Feel happy today and every day!

If you’re here for the No Resolution New Year, welcome to Day 1! The No Resolution New Year approach is founded on the idea that you don’t need to “fix” anything in 2018 with a bazillions resolutions or an over-hyped up plan.

You’re already enough. You’re already doing a great job. Let’s ditch the stress and pressure and simply continue becoming the best versions of ourselves this new year.

During the No Resolution New Year “Plan,” I am going to be making daily blog posts with healthy habits that we can focus on, starting with a very important step today that we will continue to go back to each and every day.

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Quick note for following this plan:

Your workouts are HERE

The meal plan we are following is HERE

And, the “key 3” which we will aim for every day is explained below…

“appreciate the ordinary to live an extraordinary life”

KEY 3 – this if for you if:

It is my assumption that you’re not just aiming for a happy life. You’re here because you’re interested in a healthy, happy life. You want to feel fulfilled during the day whether that’s at work or at home. You want to carve out time for your workouts and actually enjoy doing them. You want to eat both healthy meals and some tasty treats without binging or feeling guilt. You want to have time for your social life, your hunny, your family, your friends and yourself. You want all of that to feel in balance, right?!

Me too!

Introducing… they KEY 3

1. SWEAT: workout of the day. I’ve posted a calendar workout here but you can really do any workout you’d like. Try to aim for 4 weight training workouts per week and 1-2 cardio sessions. 

2. EAT: you’re going to eat each day, obviously. It’s up to you how nutritious those meals are. Focus on putting nutrient dense foods into your body. 80/20 rule. Many of the healthy habit blog posts I will be sharing these next few weeks will help us with this. Try to do 1 thing each day to push your nutrition goals to the next level whether that’s trying a new recipe or simply making a healthy food choice.

3. ENJOY: here is the special step. Read below!


The quote above sums up 2018 for me: learn to appreciate the ordinary and you will live an extraordinary life.

Today, we are going to make our enjoyment list. 10 ordinary, daily things that bring us happiness. During the No Resolution New Year (and hopefully beyond), we will strive to hit 3 things on our list every single day.

The goal is to not make it a “oh my goodness I must hit 3” and scramble to do something. Rather, it’s to live intentionally and to fill your spare time with things that bring happiness.

You know what I mean?!


Here’s your homework for the day. Make a list of 10 ordinary things you enjoy. 

Think of 10 things that truly bring you happiness that requires very little. Of course a vacation, concert tickets, a new handbag, fancy date night bring us happiness but what are seemingly average things that bring you joy?!


1. READING: reading brings me such happiness but when I’m busy, I don’t always make time for it

2. CATCHING UP WITH A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER: this can be done via phone call, FaceTime or in person but texting doesn’t count. Because many of my best friends and family live in different states, I’m always setting up “phone dates” – it’s more of a quality chat that is uninterrupted where we can really catch up.

3. HOME DECORATING/ORGANIZING: for some this is a chore, but I actually enjoy reorganizing a cabinet, arranging a centerpiece for my dining room table, etc. 

4. BATH: I never thought a bath was a luxury before becoming a mom, but I’ve found when your to do list is long, you opt for a quick shower over relaxing in the bath.

5. FAMILY DANCE PARTY: this is one of our favorite family activities. Seriously! We blast music through the Sonos, sing, and dance with our little guy. He doesn’t stop smiling for 30 minutes and constantly kicks his legs. I love it!

6. PODCAST: I have been enjoying podcasts so much – if you have any recommendations, please share them with me on Instagram or in the comment

7. OUTDOOR TIME: I love a little time outside whether its a casual walk, sitting on the patio to drink coffee or a walk to soak up some rays. There’s something about the fresh air and sunshine that rejuvenates me.

8. MEDITATE/STRETCH/YOGA: this isn’t for exercise. I feel so good when I take a moment to clear my mind which all of these do for me. Ideally, these would be uninterrupted/silent moments.

9. LUNCH DATE: this has been an absolute favorite for Anthony and I since we started dating. Can I bore you with this for a minute?? Anthony and I started dating in high school. Since then, we’ve done like 1000 lunch dates but I cherish them. Neither of us really enjoy a fancy dinner date. I mean every once and awhile it’s fun but we love cooking together at home most. Lunch is casual and easy. You can make it healthy. It fits into the day pretty easily. The restaurants aren’t jam packed. At least 2-3x per week, we’ve always tried to meet up for lunch whether is was the summer day dates during high school, meeting at the cafeteria in college or getting away from work for a bit now. It’s a great way for us to stay connected, close and constantly communicating. 

10. SOMETHING NEW/DIFFERENT: I’m leaving #10 open for something new or different that I come up with. There’s always something ordinary that becomes extraordinary.

Happy New Year! Happy 2018! Happy Day 1 of the No Resolution New Year. Today, enjoy and hit 3 things on your list. Complete a workout if you can. And, I’ll see you tomorrow with a cool blog post I think you’re going to like!


This is my hubby and I on New Years Eve this year!

lauren gleisberg with her husband on new years

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