Day 1 Workout from the New 30×30 (+sappy thoughts)

I have big news… the revamp of the 30×30 plan is officially finalized. All of 30 days of the 30 minute workouts are 100% completed. For today’s workout, I thought it would be fun to share Day 1 from the new plan. 

I posted a few glimpses of the new plan design on Instagram stories the other day but I still want to keep that under wraps for a little bit longer, so I simply wrote out the workout below.

Also, the plan will have photo demonstrations of every exercise but below I just explained them in text format.



1 min – glute bridge hops (back on a bench, feet on the ground, complete a glute bridge but at the top, hop off of the ground)

1 min – under the fence (photo example)

1 min rest

1 min – goblet squats

1 min – box toe touches (alternate tapping your feet to the top of a box/bench)

1 min rest (then move onto circuit 2)


1 min – side to side 180 squat jumps (squat down and as you jump up, rotate 180 degrees so you land facing the opposite direction)

1 min – weighted squatted walks (hold a dumbbell at chest level, squat down and walk in a squatted position forward and backward)

1 min rest

1 min – down dog glute kickbacks (30 seconds each side – move into a downward dog, kicking one heel back into a glute kickback; alternate sides)

1 min – surrenders (photo example)

1 min rest (then complete circuit 1)

complete 2 total rounds (1 round = circuit 1 + circuit 2)

WORKOUT NOTE: 30×30 workouts kick my butt. They’re designed that way! If you need to stop and take a breath, do so! If you need to rest longer than I say to, go for it! When you complete all 30 days of the plan, you will impress yourself by how much endurance you gain. Day 1 is tough but the results will be worth it!


I always get excited to launch a new plan but the revamped 30×30 has an entirely special place in my heart.

For those of you who have been with me for awhile, you probably know that I started this blog back in college. I slowly turned it into a business, leaving dental school to work on my blog/fitness business full time. 

I created workout plans and enlisted help from a newbie graphic designer to put the workouts together. 

A plan that I was once so proud of now stand out as needing a more professional, polished design. 

Basically, I’ve phased out some of my older plans and the older designs because as I grow and evolve, I want my products to follow.

The all new 30×30 Fat Loss Shred will replace the current version. This one will feature all new workouts, exercises, photos and a beautiful and I mean beautiful design – thanks, Christina (Christina is the LG graphic designer if you haven’t heard me chat about her).

When I think about it, I get the same emotions I felt on graduation day haha. It’s like letting your younger self go and growing up a bit.

It makes me think about how I started this blog and why I started it. All my dreams come rushing into my mind.

I just want to encourage you all to really go for any dream you may be having. I mean honestly, I’m not an extraordinary individual. I’m smart but so are you. I’m a hard worker but you are as well. I don’t have a financial backer. I don’t have a business mentor. I don’t live in a swanky, big city. 

I’m just your average American girl. I had a dream and I pursued it. And, dammit you can too lol. 

Anyways, 30×30 gets me all inspired for not only the gym and *hopefully* getting in what will be my fittest, strongest shape but also I get motivated for life. The 30×30 mindset will do that to you!

Let’s get at it!

Also, I’ve gotten the question: “if I purchased the original 30×30 will I get this one for free?” Valid question. Answer – no, you’ll have to buy the new one.

I charge very little for my plans. It’s not because I’m an idiot haha. I’m well aware that others charge $40, $65, $100 for a workout plan. I make my plans incredibly affordable so that they are accessible to women who prioritize getting fit regardless of budget!

I can’t wait. I hope you enjoy day 1!





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