I want the LG Meal Plan to be one of your best health decisions in 2018. Here are 3 reasons why you should join or if you already have – I wanted to talk a bit more about it while it’s on sale for the new year.

PLUS, be sure to download the new recipe index – a menu of all the recipes I’ve ever shared so you can find everything quickly.

5 years ago, I was in your shoes. I tried 10+ different diets, nutrition plans, eating approaches and still I felt like I was in the same place I started. I literally couldn’t put my energy into trying another plan. I would be “really good” for a few days. Then, I would unravel and binge. I would feel so guilty that I started again super strictly.

Finally, I decided I was going to create my own approach. I wanted to eat healthy, do a little bit of meal planning and prep but also eat donuts for breakfast on Sunday or eat whatever while on vacation for a weekend. 

I’m not here to tell you that you can get fit, shed body fat and improve your overall health quickly or easily.

It’s going to take effort. It’s going to take your commitment.

But, I will tell you that the LG Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan has allowed me to get fit and lean through food while enjoying my meals every day without feeling deprived or restricted. 

Through the meal plan, I’ve gotten my body to “my goal” and most importantly, I’ve been able to maintain that (for years!)

I want that to be true for you too! Here are 3 reasons why I know you’ll love it…


The Meal Plan consists of 3 main guidelines and most likely, they’re tweaks to how you’re already eating. It applies a bit of a system to eating that allows you to see results through food alone.

I know a lot of the plans and diets I followed in the past were very structured. I felt like I was “on” or “totally off.” It was so restrictive and I felt pressured. That food mindset just doesn’t work for me. 

What I like most about my meal plan is that you can easily maintain it long term. The guidelines advise on how to portion out the meals and how to create particular food combinations but the rest is designed to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

You can make it vegetarian, paleo, pescatarian, gluten free or just “regular.” All the recipes are quick to prep and use simple, every day ingredients.

Heck, I show you how to work in chips and chocolate on the daily lol.

I always say that “best” meal plan is the one you can stick to long term. If you enjoy eating, this meal plan is for you!


By joining the meal plan, you’re considered a meal plan member. Meal plan members automatically receive any future nutrition installments for free! 

Have you ever gotten stuck in a food funk?! Every now and then, I find myself sick of my meals and it’s because I’ve cooked the same 10 things over and over. 

I try to make sure that doesn’t happen for you by constantly sharing new recipes that are delicious and easy to make.

^if you want a preview of the types of meals I share, download the free recipe index below!


  • Nutrition Kick Start (meal-by-meal guide)
  • Meal Prep Plans
  • Spring Cookbook
  • Summer Cookbook
  • Fall Cookbook
  • Holiday Cookbook

^all of that is free to you in addition to the meal plan! 

There are so many awesome nutrition installments coming this year!


I’m going to give you the very honest advice I would tell my best friend. I receive versions of this question every. single. day.

“Where do I start with workouts and healthy eating?”

Frankly, healthy eating will make the most difference in your results. Working out is something I think is necessary to get fit and physically strong. I also think it provides energy, stress relief and motivation.

Buttt, the kitchen is where the real results are found.

If I had to choose between a day of nutritious eating and portioned meals or a workout, I would hands down pick the food on point!

The Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan will help you see physical results through food alone. It’s a eating system designed to promote a fit and lean body. 

It’s helped me and so many other women see results, enjoy healthy eating and make it a lifestyle!


Every recipe I’ve ever created is now easy to find and enjoy.

I’ve organized every recipe into an easy-to-find category: breakfasts, smoothies/drinks, entrees, sides, sweets, dips/dressings and soups.

100s of recipes are now in alphabetical order. Simply peruse the index and locate exactly where to find that recipe. 

My favorite part… I use this index for meal planning. It’s like a huge healthy menu with easy, delicious recipes. 


Join the LG Meal Plan!

Get the guidelines on how to see results through food alone and access 100s of recipes.

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