I LOVE Mexican food and I’ve found an order that allows me to enjoy without overindulging. I’m sharing all the order details here. I also have a funny story about going into labor hours after eating this.


I’m all for treat meals. I’m all for occasionally going out, eating whatever you want and not giving an F about portions or macros or anything lol.

Butttt, I do enjoy eating out more than just occasionally. Andddd, there are times where I am trying to stick to my meal plan a bit extra closely. 

Basically, I’m all about a Plan B. Plan A would be that I have a personal chef who cooks me a fresh meal that is beyond tasty and healthy every time I ask. Okay, that may be a total dream. My real Plan A is that I have healthy meals prepped (or protein prepped) that I can grab or that I have the time carved out to cook myself a healthy meal.

Plan B is that I have healthy restaurant orders or pre-packaged healthier options that I can enjoy and still stay on track. That is exactly what the order below is.


Chicken fajitas – no sour cream, please. It’s that simple.


A lot of the time with eating out, I  eat certain portions of the meal to make it fit my meal plan. That’s exactly what I do here. 

First off, I enjoy a little bit of the chips and salsa – you have to, right?! Now I don’t actually count the number of chips I eat, but I would say somewhere between 10-12 chips is enough to enjoy. Plus, my meal always seems to come so fast I don’t even think bout chips and salsa. If I’m really focusing on nutrition, sometimes I’ll skip the chips and salsa all together (but that’s not often lol). 

I eat the equivalent of what is 2 fajitas. But, I only eat 1 on the tortilla.

1) I layer tortilla (carb), chicken (protein), endless pico de Gallo, peppers and onions (veggies) and then I top with a dollop of guac (fat) or a little sprinkle of cheese (fat) but not both. Enjoy!

2) After that, I will make a “naked” fajita to cut down on carbs. I’ll mix together chicken, veggies and guac. Yum!

This meal contains a bit more carbohydrates than I would normally eat in one meal so I’ll remove carbs from the next meal. Or, I knew I was going out for dinner and having this meal, I will skip carbs in the meal prior to this one.

It’s that easy. It’s a delicious way to keep a fajita meal lighter!


What do those two things have in common? They were hours apart lol. 

I was 40 weeks and 2 days. I had an afternoon appointment with my OB: the usual, weekly check in.

My mom, Anthony and I all met for a little shopping and lunch date prior to the appointment. I was picking out candles at Bath & Body Works (go figure!) and then we had lunch at Berry Hill… it’s a pretty good Mexican restaurant. I ordered this usual which I just shared.

Here is a photo from right after that lunch.

lauren gleisberg and her husband at market street the woodlands

I went to my OB appt and I’ll never forget this line: “oh sweetie, you’re 6cm dilated. It’s time to go to the hospital.”

And just a few hours after my yummy meal…



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