Fitmas Challenge: Back + Glutes (W3D4)

Have you ever combined back and glute training? I love it because it is a workout that focuses on the posterior (back side of the body). We often think to switch up exercises, reps, etc. but changing the muscle groups we combine is something I like to play with as well!


[ ] Blog Workout: back + butt

[ ] Video Workout Plan: back workout video


lauren gleisberg and her husband at market street the woodlands

I really enjoy dining out but there aren’t always real healthy options so I’ve become pretty good at finding ways to make not-so-healthy places fit my nutrition approach… today, I’m sharing what I order at Mexican restaurants (anddd what this photo and fajitas have in common lol)


For the 12 days, I’m personally giving away 12 of my favorite things to you ladies. Each day, the giveaway goes down on Instagram – be sure to look for the daily post & enter there. Winners are announced here the following day.

DAY 3 WINNER: IG @hear_sarah_roar

Please email to receive your adjustable dumbbell set!

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