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There are 2 exciting things launching this week: 1) the new Video Workout Plan and 2) the Fitmas Challenge! We will be using the video workouts in the upcoming challenge ((and they can be used on their own after!)). In this post, I’m sharing a bit more about both so you know exactly what to expect and how both of these can help you see results this holiday season! 


This is the new project I’ve been working on like crazy lately and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. Here’s a bit more about it!

Time Under Tension Approach: these workouts use a TUT approach which is all about keeping the muscles working and keeping rest minimal. The effects are that you get a challenging and effective workout completed in a short amount of time.

My Results: my recent goals have been to put on muscle and lose body fat. I am so impressed with how this style of training and these workouts has helped me achieve that. Considering that I’ve basically been starting over with progress, I am confident that I’ve never seen more muscle definition in a shorter amount of time.

About the Video Workout Plan:

  • 9 full length video workouts
  • recommended use guide with suggested combinations & a 3 week training split plan
  • weight training workouts (requires a set or two of dumbbells)
  • semi-customizable plan allowing you to combine different muscle groups for tons of workout combinations (ex: biceps + triceps, glutes + abs, legs + cardio, etc.)
  • we will use these workouts for some of the Fitmas Challenge workouts


Our holiday fitness challenge designed to help you look and feel your best while enjoying every moment this holiday season

Start Date: workouts will kick off Monday, November 20

Length of Challenge: 5 weeks to get us right up until Christmas

Style of Workouts: the weight training workouts will be a combination of blog workouts (pictures & text) and video workouts used from the new Video Workout Plan

Meal Menus: another round of weekly meal menus will be launching for Meal Plan members. Ever week of the challenge, meal plan members will receive a mini cookbook with recipes to enjoy each week




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