One of my all time favorite workouts! This weight training workout targets both the legs and butt as well as all our arm muscles. Targeting multiple muscle group can lead to a greater calorie burn throughout the duration of the workout.

Why don’t we always target multiple muscle groups for this benefit??

That’s a good question to ask yourself. THere’s a give and a take to training several muscle groups in a workout. The benefit is exactly what I mentioned: a great calorie burn. I should specify there is the potential but it’s not guaranteed. The intensity we bring to each workout is really what determines the calorie burn. Still, the potential is there!

Now, the take is that targeting more muscle groups can sometimes lead to less of a muscle breakdown. Personally, my goals are always to workout for a fit body with muscle definition. For women to achieve that, I find it’s best to work just 1-2 (sometimes sometimes 3) muscle groups per day to ensure those muscle fibers are being worked, broken down and then built back up bigger and stronger.

You get what I’m saying?? 

This style of workout is one that I would suggest on occasion with the regular workouts being slightly more targeted weight training. 


Join in on the Calendar Fitness Plan…

workout fitness plan for summer by blogger lauren Gleisberg




1. Download the Calendar – click the download here link (don’t just save the picture; the PDF will provide a clearer image)

2. Save – I suggest saving a copy to your phone (I like to copy it to iBooks) and printing another (I’m old school and love a hard copy lol, anyone else?!)

3. Have Your Plans Ready – the calendar uses both the LG Sisters Get Strong & 30×30 Fat Loss Shred plans with a few new workouts I’ll post on the blog. Break out those plans if you already have them and if not, snag them while they’re on sale!

4. Follow Along Day by Day – each day, check the calendar and do the suggested workout from either the ebook guides or the new workout right here on the blog. It’s that easy! Well, that easy to follow along… the workouts are another story lol.  


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