Summer Fitcation Challenge Week 8 Schedule Overview

It’s the last week, let’s stay as strong as ever!

Just about 8 weeks ago, we set out to make this summer one of strength! Through the new Weight Training Plan 2.0, we lifted our way to a stronger body, mind and life. I truly hope you feel that. I know I do!

This is just the start. I have so many amazing things to come. And, now that I can finally workout at full intensity with you girls, you better believe everything is going to be better than ever.

I’m grateful you’ve chosen to take this journey with me and that you allow me to kick your booty each week (really, hat amazes me haha). I look forward to continuing to sweat together!


The new Weight Training Plans 2.0 (home version + gym version) are the official fitness plan for the SummerFitcation Challenge.

Below, you’ll also find the schedule overview and the daily photo challenges. 


Workout of the Day: REST

Daily Photo Challenge:  “1 WEEK GOAL” – it’s the last week of the challenge, so let’s set 1 final goal. Just one that you know you can hit if you put your mind to it. Share yours with the community #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 8 – Legs

Daily Photo Challenge: “AM ROUTINE” – share a snapshot from your morning routine – your cup of Joe, morning devotional/book, breakfast, anything! #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 8 – Biceps + Triceps

Daily Photo Challenge: “LADY GUNS” – in honor of our last arm workout, share a flex photo of your beautiful lady guns  #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 8 – LISS Cardio

Daily Photo Challenge:  “I AM MY #WCW” – last week, we honored other women who inspired us, it’s time to show that love to yourself. Today, post a photo of yourself and 1 reason why you love yourself (I know it’s hard to talk yourself up but you’re worth it) #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 8 – Back & Glutes

Daily Photo Challenge: “YUM” – what’s making you say yum today? Share a delicious meal you’re enjoying. #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 8 – Chest + Shoulders

Daily Photo Challenge: “PLANS” – we just wrapped up the final lift of the weight training plan 2.0, what are your gym plans going forward? Set yourself up for success by making plans now! And check into the blog for the plan I have for myself the next few weeks if you’d like to follow along. #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 8 – HIIT Cardio

Daily Photo Challenge: “PROGRESS” – what progress have you made these last 8 weeks. Use the hashtag #LGProgress to share your physical progress OR (and more importantly) how you’ve grown on the inside  #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


The new Weight Training Plan 2.0 is the official fitness plan for the summer challenge.



You do not need to complete the 1.0 plan prior to the 2.0, so start with this plan if you’re brand new to the LG challenges and guides

Both the home and gym plans follow the same schedule, so YOU choose to workout at home, in the gym or both!


The best results come through both fitness and nutrition. Bundle the new Weight Training Plan 2.0 with the Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan to bring your best (Summer Weekly Meal Menus Included!!)

With this bundle, you’ll be a meal plan member for life and enjoy all the free installments like the new Weekly Summer Meal Menus

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