Summer Fitcation Challenge Week 7 Overview

It’s the home stretch! I’ll be very honest, when I follow a fitness plan, the last few weeks (that should be the “easiest” because I have the routine down) are often the hardest for me to stick to. It’s how I listen to music too. I love a song for the first 3/4ths but I rarely finish listening to an entire song before hitting next.

I encourage you NOT to be like me haha. Finishing a plan cover to cover is one of the most rewarding feelings. What you put in is what you get out. When you complete a plan, the feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction is the critical motivation needed to continue your journey. Finish strong this week and next week!


The new Weight Training Plans 2.0 (home version + gym version) are the official fitness plan for the SummerFitcation Challenge.

Below, you’ll also find the schedule overview and the daily photo challenges. 


Workout of the Day: REST

Daily Photo Challenge:  “Show” – enjoy a little relaxation and TV/Movie/Netflix time. What are you watching this evening? I always love hearing show recommendations. #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 7 – Back + Biceps

Daily Photo Challenge: “I AM WHY” – share a photo of yourself and a little explanation as to why you are living a healthy lifestyle for yourself. It’s great to do it for others like your family but WHY are you doing this for you? #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 7 – Legs

Daily Photo Challenge: “HOURLY SQUATS” – I challenge you to do 10 squats every hour on the hour! Share a photo of the funniest place you’re getting your squat on today  #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 7 – Chest + Triceps

Daily Photo Challenge:  “#WCW” – what woman are you crushing on today? Share a little love with your LG Sisters!  #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 7 – HIIT Cardio

Daily Photo Challenge: “WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE” – share a photo of any one of the meals you’re eating today  #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 7 – Glutes + Shoulders

Daily Photo Challenge:  “LOVE” – who or what are you loving on today? Your job? Your pet? Your significant other? Your bestie? Share this special person with us today – can you make a fun plan with him or her?  #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


Workout of the Day: Phase 2, Week 7 – LISS Cardio

Daily Photo Challenge: “SUNSHINE CARDIO” – can you take your cardio outside today ?Share a photo of it! #LGAccountability #LGSummerFitcation


The new Weight Training Plan 2.0 is the official fitness plan for the summer challenge.



You do not need to complete the 1.0 plan prior to the 2.0, so start with this plan if you’re brand new to the LG challenges and guides

Both the home and gym plans follow the same schedule, so YOU choose to workout at home, in the gym or both!


The best results come through both fitness and nutrition. Bundle the new Weight Training Plan 2.0 with the Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan to bring your best (Summer Weekly Meal Menus Included!!)

With this bundle, you’ll be a meal plan member for life and enjoy all the free installments like the new Weekly Summer Meal Menus

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