LG Sister Spotlight: Megan

Another Friday. Another LG Sister Spotlight. These posts highlight community members doing their thing and inspiring others along the way. This summer we’ve been doing a game of LG Sister tag. Last week, Emily tagged Megan as an LG Sister who inspires her, saying “I love watching her manage her fitness and her kiddos!” Check back in next week to see who Megan tags!

LG Sister FAQ:

Name: Megan
IG Handle: @familyof5fitness
Age: 32
Location: Nebraska
Occupation: 1st Grade Teacher
Hobbies:  Working out is my hobby!
Meet Megan:

When and how did you begin your health and fitness journey? 

Growing up, I was always naturally small even without sports and exercise. Then I went to college! After I gained the Freshman 15, I knew I needed to work out to lose the weight from late night unhealthy eating and drinking alcohol. I mostly did cardio and 5lb weights every now and then.  I didn’t ever follow a plan or have any goals.  I continued this routine throughout pregnancies, and finally when my youngest was a year old in 2015, I found Lauren through IG. At this same time, I also joined a health and wellness company and started using their supplements. I wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of the products, so I began weight training and following Lauren’s meal plan. I have stuck with this same regimen for over 2 years and it works for me!
You work out a lot at home and you are so fit… what advice can you share on making it work at home?
1) Adjustable dumbbells are a must!  I can do any move because weights range from 5lb-52lb.
2) Having a space where I can work out while watching my kids, which is my unfinished basement. The kids do art, play house, ride bikes in the winter, make messes, do gymnastics – all while I get my workout in.
3) AM workouts are a priority during the school year.  After school, I pick up the kids, walk in the door, make supper, feed them, play, clean the house, bath, bedtime, a tiny bit of me time. My husband works late most nights so it’s usually all me!   If I have to squeeze in a workout, it takes away from one of the other activities. There are so many things to do instead of workout, so I have to make it a priority, not a “maybe I’ll get to it” thing.
Do you have any “must have” home gym equipment or accessories?
The adjustable dumbbells I used are Bowflex and so worth the money. The only other thing I have is resistance bands!

You seem to do it all with your teaching career, wife, mom of 3 beautiful girls, health and fitness enthusiast… how do you balance all of that?

I seriously have no idea! I have a laid back personality so I don’t let too much bother me or stress me out. If something doesn’t get done, I do it the next day. Whether it’s workouts (I never do two workouts in one day), cleaning, the dishes, etc., I try to keep things in perspective. Is it a big deal or little deal? I try to prioritize. I am an excellent multitasker so I am able to get a ton of stuff done at school while I’m there so it doesn’t flow over into my home life.  I also delegate… A LOT!  I find stuff a para can do at school. My kids are required to help out around the house, too.
Do you have any tips for including your children in on healthy eating?
They don’t know any different! As babies, I made their baby food and they ate every meal that we were eating. They still eat the same meals as us, there are no separate meals made. However, there are many nights I hear “I’m not eating this!”, but they know their bedtime snack will be their supper if they don’t eat it!   I read somewhere it can take up to 10 times before a child acquires a taste for something, so I just keep trucking and feeding them healthy food.  We also talk a lot at dinner why we eat healthy food or what each food can do for our bodies. My oldest knows that protein grows your muscles so she’s into that! LOL    Another helpful tip is to just not keep junk in your house, then you don’t have to deal with that fight!  Of course, my kids do get to eat cookies, cheeseburgers and fries, ice cream, candy, etc. but they know those things aren’t everyday foods. 

I would never be where I am with my love for fitness if it wasn’t for the LG girls!!  I look forward to checking in, seeing what everyone else thought of the workout, and learning about new girls. It is so motivating to see everyone being so strong and healthy, but also seeing the posts where girls are keeping it real helps me to know my crazy life is just life and it’s okay to not kill it every day!  Many of the LG girls have become my in-real-life friends and the two meetups I have been to were the best weekends I have ever had!! The girls are just as weird and crazy as I am, and I’m so very thankful that I found this community and these girls!
What advice would you share with a fellow LG Sister looking to get healthier and happier?
1) Interact with the community and be intentional with building relationships because the accountability piece is huge. You can lift, eat healthy, build muscle, and shred fat but it’s way more meaningful when you have someone there to celebrate these victories with! 
2) Find what works for you! (This is why I love Lauren’s approach so much because she preaches this!)  Don’t compare yourself because no one else has your exact circumstances.  

Quick Favs:
Favorite Quote: “If He can hold the world, He can hold this moment.”
Favorite Book: Supermom Myth
Favorite TV Show: Big Brother
Favorite Movie:  Dirty Dancing
Favorite Vacation Spot: Both vacations with my LG Sisters were my favorite!
Favorite healthy food: Raw vegetables (with ranch of course)
Favorite Treat: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Favorite weekend activity: Hanging with my family

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