LG Sister Spotlight: Emily

The LG Sister Spotlight is our weekly highlight of fellow community members. These woman are ladies who are inspiring others by sharing their journeys. This summer, we’ve been playing a fun game of LG Sister Spotlight tag in which each featured woman gets to “tag” another lady who has inspired her.
Last week, Erin tagged Emily saying “she just had a baby like 17 hours ago and seriously looks amazing and HAWT!! Goals! Plus, she is always super positive, real, and finally she’s a riot!” Check back in next week to see who Emily tags.
LG Sister FAQ:
Name: Emily
IG Handle: whiskeywineandweights
Age: 28
Location: Oklahoma City
Occupation: Health Tech Sales
Hobbies: Going to country music concerts, getting rowdy at the lake, coaching a high school lacrosse team and middle school field hockey team…. except now I’m mostly just hanging out with my new #lgbaby! 
How did you get started with your health and fitness journey?
I was very athletic in high school but I was a little more focused on the party scene in college 😉 After college I would go through lots of “working out” phases and I’ve belonged to basically every gym in this city at some point (haha) but nothing ever stuck bc I didn’t have any sort of plan or coach.  I started doing HIIT workouts that a friend recommended about 2 years ago, and a few months in I found the fitness Instagram community and decided to make a separate fitness account.  It was scary to post workouts to the internet and at first, I never included my face bc I didn’t want anyone I knew to find it!  Soon I found LG and I remember thinking wow, that girl is so lean yet so toned, (and also seems so cute and so real!) that’s exactly what I want to be.  So I started with the #LGFitmas challenge and now we’re here! (Also, lately insta has been pushing my fitness account to all my facebook friends, which is weird for me, so I’ve been blocking the guys but figure hey if I can encourage some girls to jump on the LG train, why not?!) 
Any tips for when you’re short on time when it comes to getting in a workout and eating healthy?
The biggest thing I’ve learned is that you have to make the time.  Everyone is busy and a magical hour block to workout is not just going to appear in your schedule with an extra hour after to shower and fix your hair, lol.  For me, the mornings are the best time to get a workout in bc I can get up and get them done before anyone else is up.  For eating healthy, I’m all about the prep.  I could spend all day reading menus and deciding what restaurant to order food from and end up spending way too much money and eating way too much crap, so if my meals are already planned and prepped then I have no choice but to make the healthy (and cheap!) choice.  
Okay, let’s go for some mom questions…
How did you continue your healthy lifestyle while pregnant? Do you feel it helped you physically and/or mentally?
The first trimester was pretty rough bc I was nauseated the whole time, so I didn’t get much working out or healthy eating in (hello, bagels every day).  But during the 2nd and 3rd, it was really important to me to get a workout in just for my mental health.  I couldn’t run or do what I call “hopping” workouts at that point, so the weight training plan was perfect for me to get a solid muscle burn workout in without doing anything crazy.  I also really think that having been so dedicated to healthy eating and working out before I got pregnant reallllly helped my bod do everything it needed to do during pregnancy and also bounce back after baby. 
How do you see your healthy life playing out as a new mom?
I’m excited to record cool videos of using my baby as a weight.  Haha but seriously, it’s really important to me for my son (and future kiddos) to know that health is a lifestyle where we can still have fun and eat delicious food. 
How has the LG Accountability Community played a role in your success? 
This community is everything!  Everyone is so encouraging and motivating, and my favorite part is just seeing people’s good ideas and tip and tricks that work in their real lives 🙂 
What advice would you share with a fellow LG Sister looking to get healthier and happier?
Start today!  It’s not about going on a diet or doing some crazy thing to become happier, just start making incremental changes that will benefit you and work for your lifestyle.  And as always, all the #lgsisters are here for you!
Favorite Quote: The harder I work the luckier I get

Favorite Book: You Are a Badass
Favorite TV Show: The Bachelor franchise or whatever I’m currently bingeing 
Favorite Movie: The Sandlot
Favorite Vacation Spot: Lake Texoma!
Favorite Healthy Food: Spaghetti squash or zoodles
Favorite Treat: An excessive amount of pasta and wine.  
Favorite weekend activity: A solid morning workout, a big brunch, and then hanging outside with my #lgman, #lgbaby, and our #lgpups! 

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