LG Sister Spotlight: Sarah

It’s that time of the week… our LG Sister Spotlight highlights community members doing their thing while supporting and inspiring others ladies along the way. This summer, we are playing a game of LG Sister Spotlight tag. Joanna was featured last week and tagged Sarah.
Joanna to Sarah:
“Not only is her progress and commitment amazing, she is such a positive influence and always has a kind word to say.  And she is a true testament to living a balanced and healthy life.” Meet Sarah below!
LG Sister FAQ:
Name: Sarah Meriwether
IG Handle: sarah_lgfit
Age: 23
Location: Chicago, IL (but originally Grand Blanc, MI)
Occupation: Sourcing Specialist/Recruiter
Hobbies: spending time with family & friends, trying new restaurants, yoga, skiing, hiking, traveling and of course working out!
Meet Sarah:
How did you get started with your health and fitness journey?
I’ve always been athletic and grew up participating in multiple sports at a time. In high school I played volleyball, softball and was on ski team. When I went to college I pretty much forced myself to go to the gym to do cardio so I wouldn’t gain the “freshman 15.” It wasn’t until the end of college I found a love for weight lifting and eating healthy. I would find random workouts on Pinterest and call it good. One day I stumbled upon one of Lauren’s workouts then found her blog and Instagram and the rest is history! 
How were you able to balance healthy living as a student?
Oh how I miss the college days!! It was a lot easier to balance because I had more free time. I usually had classes in the morning then the rest of the day was up to me. I would always bring clothes with me so I could go straight to the gym. It was so nice not having a schedule because sometimes I would find myself there for almost 2 hours! Times have definitely changed now that I’ve moved to a new city and have a big girl job lol. I’ve made it a priority to get my workout in before work so I can have my evenings free. As much as I want to shut my alarm off and go back to sleep in the morning all I can think about is how I dread going to the gym at night because it is packed! That usually helps me get out of bed after a snooze or two;)
What do you love most about weight lifting?
It makes me feel like a badass! I turn up my music, put on my RBF (ha!) and get s*** done. It’s like I’m in my own world and forget everything going on in my life during that hour. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing muscle definition that I’ve worked hard for!
What’s your best bicep building tip? 
I like doing drop sets. This forces me to focus on the movement instead of lifting as heavy as I can.
How has the LG Accountability Community played a role in your success?
I cannot say enough about this community! When I found Lauren 3 years ago I would just do the challenges on my own. I finally had the courage to make a separate Instagram account even though I had no idea what I was doing. I connected with girls in the community and the love and support I received was amazing. I had no idea I would meet so many incredible women who shared the same passion for health and fitness! I have met up with some for coffee and even traveled across the country to spend the weekend with 12 girls whom I’d never met- I even got to meet Lauren herself! It’s crazy how social media can bring strangers together who I now call my friends. So happy I took a risk and stepped out of my comfort zone because if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today.
What advice would you share with a fellow LG Sister looking to get healthier and happier?
Balance, balance, balance! Work your ass off in and out of the gym but also enjoy life and say yes to that donut (always) or that slice of pizza. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint so enjoy the journey! 
Quick Favs:
Favorite Quote: “Do all things with love”
Favorite Book: I don’t read much but I finally finished You Are a Badass
Favorite TV Show: Bachelor/Bachelorette
Favorite Movie: Home Alone
Favorite Vacation Spot: Telluride, CO & anywhere with a beach
Favorite Healthy Food: zoodles with ground turkey 
Favorite Treat: I have the biggest sweet tooth! So any dessert – donuts, chocolate, cookies, brownies, cake, ice cream. Oh and I can’t forget about pizza!
Favorite weekend activity: morning workout followed by brunch!

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