WEIGHT LOSS vs FAT LOSS + which one you really want

Did you realize there is a difference between weight loss and fat loss?! One more so than the other is typically what women want, yet not many of us could identify the difference.

Weight loss and fat loss are often terms that society uses interchangeably. Yet, they’re certainly not the same thing. Similar, yes, but when it comes to those of us who are working towards a very specific physical goal, the difference is noteworthy.

I want to quickly add in that by now you know my health and fitness approach is about so much more than just the physical. Confidence, peace of mind, happiness… those are 3 results this lifestyle has given me that mean more to me than abs and muscle definition ever could. Still, many of us do have physical goals, so I always want to make sure I’m providing you with the resources to reach yours.

Another side note, be sure you read down to the bottom part of the post because I’m sharing a little bit more on a bonus feature of the new Weight Training Plans that launch next week to help you with your goals. 

Okay, back to the post….

When I help women with health and fitness, I start with one question: what are your goals? More specifically, tell me the place you want to work toward: your dream result.

Very often, I hear goals like this (for physical results):

  • See my muscles when I flex
  • Get fit
  • Look physically strong
  • Muscle definition
  • Get lean
  • Visible abs

The reason I ask these questions is because in order to effectively reach those goals, we have to fine tune our training to match that. 

If I were a home designer (in my next life I’m thinking this may be my career path lol) and my clients told me they wanted a completely modern style interior, I wouldn’t spend my time in looking at  farmhouse style items, right?! Even though that would produce a beautiful home, it’s not what my clients are after.

Relating that to health and fitness, the point is that we first look at our goals then figure out the plan to get there. 

All of those goals listed above are achieved more so through fat loss than weight loss.



WEIGHT LOSS: a goal to decrease your body weight: the total sum of the weight of your bones, organs, muscles, body fat, etc.

FAT LOSS: a goal to to lower your body fat percentage: the amount of fat contained on your body

You can see there is a clear difference between these two goals. Most people who have a desire to lose weight are likely carrying excess body fat. If those individuals had the information that I am sharing, they may be more inclined to specify they are actually looking to lose that body fat that is causing them to weigh more than where they feel comfortable.


The first thing that’s always jumps out at me when I talk about weight loss versus fat loss is when you look at the definition and see exactly what all is included in our body weight. Bones and organs just to name two items are things I’m not all that concerned about haha. I make light of this because it’s also why I tell women to get off that damn scale… are you concerned with how much your bones and organs weigh? Of course not! 

In my opinion, weight loss is both inaccurate and irrelevant:

WEIGHT LOSS IS INACCURATE: I fluctuate 5+ lbs in a given day. I drink a lot. I eat a lot. I sweat a lot. I go through hormonal changes. I get bloated after I indulge in a few too many baskets of chips and salsa and fajitas. I lose fat. I gain muscle. All of that affects my weight, but because weight is just a number, it is inaccurate in telling me what is really going on.

WEIGHT LOSS IS IRRELEVANT: I’ve shared before that when I first began my journey, I was 10 pounds less than what I weigh now. So, I’ve GAINED 10 pounds. What else have I gained?? Biceps that make me feel strong. Leg muscles that make me look and feel like I’m bad ass. Visible abdominal definition that I am so proud of. What I’m trying to say is that I not only didn’t lose weight… I gained weight… but I reached my goals. Therefore, weight loss was irrelevant for me.

If you find 2 women who both weigh 150 pounds, they will likely look very different. One may appear leaner. One may be taller.One may appear curvier. Their shapes and body compositions may be very different. Yet, they weight the exact same 150 pounds, so again, weight is really irrelevant.

So, why is fat loss a “better” goal than weight loss??

It’s really all about your goals. Remember that list of goals I shared earlier in this post that I commonly hear women talking about. Well, fat loss is how to reach those!

Weight loss is simply becoming a lighter (not even a “smaller”) version of yourself. 

Fat loss is how you can achieve things like muscle definition, visible abs and and an overall strong, fit appearance.


Here is where I’ve got you covered. I wanted to share all of that information above as the why behind the training and meal plans I share. I always think when we understand why something works, we are more likely to stick with it because we believe in it and the know the science behind it.

You’ve got enough to worry about in a day. If by sharing with you a workout and a meal idea, I can provide you with one less thing to think about, then I’m pleased to serve you in that way. How I construct my workouts and the approach I take to nutrition is targeted at fat loss. If you’re following along, you’re doing a great job at focusing on losing fat without even worrying about how to do so.

TRAINING: training for fat loss is a strategy that combines both 1) workouts to increase muscle and 2) workouts to promote fat loss. Because muscle increases our basal metabolic rate, having muscle mass allows for us to burn more calories (and fat cells!) at rest. Additionally, I like to add in training styles that are aimed directly at fat loss, such as through HIIT, circuits and other styles.

As you know, the Weight Training Plan 2.0 launches next week as part of our Summer Challenge. I am super excited about a bonus plan I’ve included. You’ll have your regular weighted workouts as well as add on workouts for those interested in burning even more fat to reveal those results. 

EATING: this is such an important part. So often, we think the best way to lose fat is to get to the gym! That’s a good start, but nutrition makes the greatest difference. You’ll hear me say that over and over whenever I discuss fat loss. The reason I do is because I’m so serious when I say I spent 3-4 years working out regularly without ever changing the way I ate (well, I tried some general healthy eating). BUT, only when I got scientific and strategic about how to eat did I see the fat loss and the goals (like those listed above) that I really wanted. I don’t want you to waste as much time as I did.

This summer, I’m sharing weekly meal menus with Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan members. The goal is to get excited about eating nutritious foods. Combine that with our approach and fat loss will be something you’re body is doing on autopilot. 

Bottom line….

Let’s focus on fat loss over weight loss. It’s the way we will get to our goals. I’ve got you covered with the workouts and meals that will help get us there. Trust the process. Believe in yourself. Live balanced. Let’s enjoy this summer and upcoming summer challenge together!

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