In between challenges, I put together weekly workout plans to keep us progressing. This week features a fun switch up in training. It’s a bit more focused on fat loss and leaning out to reveal our muscle results. 

In just a few weeks, our Summer Challenge aka SummerFitcation will kick off, so be sure to keep an eye out for all of that. I’ll post an early sign up, so you can get some more details as well as peaks into the challenge. 

As a reminder for those just joining, these is what the summer challenge will include…

Weight Training Plan 2.0

The SummerFitcation Challenge will incorporate the brand new Weight Training Plan 2.0… it’s a fresh workout plan featuring the very best workouts I have at helping you sculpt your body while shedding body fat. For summer, it’s important to have all the workouts upfront, a complete home and gym version, and pictures on the same pages of the workouts (I heard you on that!)

Summer Meal Menus

Summer Weekly Meal Menus are happening for meal plan members…. new recipes sent right to your inbox for EIGHT weeks! Each week has a summer theme from BBQ/grill recipes to summer sweet treats and pack-ables or on-the-go meals. They’ve made healthy eating a breeze, so I can’t wait to continue with those.


Until the SummerFitcation Challenge kicks off, I’m putting together weekly fitness schedules for us to follow along. There are two options for you to pick whatever works better for you and your schedule 

OPTION 1: Weight Training Plan 1.0 (Home or Gym)

Because we will be following the new 2.0 version, of course going back to the original Weight Training Plan is a great way to see even greater results with the new plan. I’m going to strategically switch up how we follow this plan though, so be sure to check out the details each week.

OPTION 2: Past Challenge Workouts

I’m also going to be providing a workout of the day using workouts from past challenges that you can follow along with. This is a fun switch up and feel free to bounce between option 1 and option 2 whenever you feel like it!



Option 1: Phase 2, Week 5A – Legs I (Weight Training Plan)

Option 2: Legs (here)


Option 1: Phase 2, Week 5A – Chest + Back + HIIT (Weight Training Plan)

Option 2: Chest + Back (here)


Option 1: Phase 2, Week 5A –  LISS Cardio + Abs I (Weight Training Plan)

Option 2: 30 mins low intensity, steady state cardio + Abs (here)


Option 1: Phase 2, Week 5A – Shoulders & Glutes (Weight Training Plan)

Option 2: Shoulders + Glutes (here)


Option 1: Phase 2, Week 5A – Arms (Weight Training Plan)

Option 2: Arms (here)


Option 1: Phase 2, Week 5A – HIIT Cardio + Abs (Weight Training Plan)

Option 2: HIIT Cardio + Abs (here)


Option 1: REST

Option 2: REST

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