PEEK INSIDE… New Ab Plan 2.0 + Weekly Meal Menus

I want to give you an inside look at the two most exciting premium features for the ConfidenceKini Challenge and how we will reach our goals. They key to creating a successful and effective health and fitness plan is to align each action with our exact goals.

You ladies told me your top goals this spring are:

1) Getting Fit/Seeing Muscle Definition

2) Abs

3) Eating Healthier 

4) Feeling Confident in Your Skin

Here’s how we can accomplish that:

1) Fitness First – I always suggest committing to a daily workout, which I’ve got you covered with this challenge. The plan should focus on isolating just a few, specific muscle groups each day. You know I’m going to say targeting them through weight training is what I’ve found to be the most effective for achieving a fit, defined body. That’s what we will do this challenge!

2) Ab Training – traditional, heavy weight training movements like squats and deadlifts are some of the best core exercises themselves, but if you have serious ab goals, I suggest an ab add on plan, training abs 3-4x per week (not every day though!)

3) Eating Excitement – Instead of taking a “serious” / “eat this for breakfast and this for lunch” approach, I’ve found the best results come getting excited to cook new, healthy recipes. It’s why I created the Weekly Meal Menus to provide you with 7 recipes so we can cook a homemade dish daily and actually look forward to it. This is how healthy eating becomes natural and effortless!

4) The Confidence Comes – All of the above bring about a whole lot of confidence. We feel good when we set goals and work to achieve them. We feel good when we are eating foods that digest well. We feel good when we workout and create endorphins that make us happy. We feel good when we look good. This all brings confidence! 

Now, for those peeks inside! The two components I had to add this challenge were the Ab Plan 2.0 and Weekly Meal Menus. Creating a fun yet effective way to help us reach those above goals was important to me, so I hope you love these as much as I do. 


Last year, I launched the Premium Ab Plan 1.0 and your response was incredible. I still hear those follow-along ab workout videos are some of you favorite, so I knew I wanted to create a follow up to that plan. 

Here’s why… abs are like any other muscle on our body. We need to train them in order to build them. Now, when most of us hear “build” we think “bulky,” which isn’t accurate (fortunately!). Because of the hormone differences between males and females, us ladies don’t have to worry about getting bulky from muscle mass.

We do, however, have to work a little harder than our male counterparts to achieve muscle, which is why ab training is essential.

When we train our abs, we physically break down the muscle fibers. We then go into recovery mode with rest and nutrition to allow those muscles to naturally repair themselves and grow back just a little bit bigger and stronger.

This process is what we commonly call “seeing results.” The results we notice are abdominal muscles that appear more visible and sculpted. 

I find the 3 most effective training styles for abs to be:

1) PLANKS + PLANK VARIATIONS: this approach works the entire core: front, side and back. When I do plank workouts, I feel sucked in and tight along my waistline, which I really love for obvious reasons lol.

2) CIRCUITS: this training styles ensures maximum TUT (time under tension) which refers to how long we actually spend working the muscles. I particularly like circuit workouts for when I don’t have a lot of time.

3) WEIGHTED: using weights in ab exercises in a progressing training style, which I find yields great results. I don’t overuse this technique, but like to incorporate it about once per week.

^you’ll note these 3 styles in the Ab Plan 2.0 included in the Premium Challenge Pack

Here’s a peek inside…


These Weekly Meal Menus fit somewhere between a cookbook and a daily meal plan. Like I mentioned, I find a rigid daily meal plan of Meal 1 = _____ and Meal 2 = _____ to be unsuccessful in the long term. I occasionally enjoy a plan like that for a maximum of 7 days, but personally and professionally, these types of plans are difficult to maintain, lead to increased cravings and create overall frustration.

And, while I love a cookbook, I do feel that alongside a challenge, I like to have the tiniest bit more structure.

So… that’s why I created the Weekly Meal Menus. Meal Plan Members (+those who signed up from the Premium Challenge Bundle) will receive their meal menu each Friday for the following week. If you need to pick up any food items, you’ll have plenty of time to do so.

The Weekly Meal Menu contains 7 recipes: 1 breakfast, 3 entrees, 2 sides and 1 sweet for some yummy variety. It’s not about eating the same things day after day, rather getting excited to make a new recipe every day (if desired!).

As always, my recipes are simple, delicious, quick to prepare and use normal ingredients (I feel weird even saying that but when I first started eating healthy, I was constantly googling ingredients, thinking “what even is ______” lol).

Watch for your first Meal Menu to be sent out tomorrow!

Here’s a little peek inside the Week 1 Meal Menu…

Find these 2 Exclusives in the Premium Challenge Packs:



$60 $50

*Note: the Premium Challenge Bundle is for those who don’t yet have the Meal Plan but would like to join at a discounted price; if you already are a meal plan member, opt for the Premium Challenge Pack.

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