We all seem to have our nose buried in books these days. I love that reading and books are so big in this community. We constantly strive to be our best selves in every regard. We eat healthy to nourish our bodies. We workout to strengthen ourselves. And, we read to expand our minds. 

I’m constantly sharing my favorite reads as I see so many of you doing as well. It’s only natural we start an LG Book Club for this sisterhood of badass babes! 

Every month, I’ll select a new book and share the details. I figured one book per month is very realistic. It allows for avid readers to participate and read a bazillion other books too (I envy you as I sit next to my stack of “can’t wait to read that one” books hehe) as well as some of us who enjoy reading but one book per month is about all we can commit to.



We can always change our rules of engagement as we go along, but for now, let’s keep our book club as laid back as possible. It’s as easy as: get the book, read the book and *if you desire* post about it occasionally in your Instagram check ins.

Check ins are our uploads to social media using our community hashtags (i.e.: #LGAccountability #LGSisters #LGBookClub) At any time during the month, feel free to share a few thoughts from the book we are reading. Things you found interesting. How you’re applying it to your life. Revelations you’re having. What you agree or disagree with. Anything.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these posts and peruse the #LGBookClub hashtag so we can comment and connect that way with each other as well.

I particularly like that for this first book there is a study guide available. I thought that would really bring this book club to life!



Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic For a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living by Shauna Niequist (I purchased the book + study guide)

Have you heard of this one?? I’m always asking friends, family members, neighbors what they’re reading and this book keeps popping up from women of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

Life these days is nonstop. We constantly feel we have to do more and have more to be more. The idea of perfection that today’s society seems to chase is exhausting. 

This book invites us on a journey away from this busy, constantly trying to be better life to one that sees “better” as just being you. That sounds pretty damn peaceful, doesn’t it?!

Just reading the book’s description felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders, so I’m really excited to dive in.

I will say the one drawback I heard about this book is that it is religious (I say drawback only to those who just aren’t interested in books that incorporate in religion). So, if you prefer books that leave religion out, I would suggest The Power of NOW for your April’s book club choice as it too focuses on the present moment.



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