ConfidenceKini Challenge… Sign Ups + Premium Packs

Get yourself ready! Gather your girls! LG TeamKini is back! Every spring, this community joins together to sweat it out and eat delicious meals. We focus on getting fit, shedding some body fat and just having fun with healthy living.

This ConfidenceKini Challenge features ridiculously good weight training workouts that are highly effective yet time efficient. Plus, I revved up the power of the Premium Challenge Packs with a brand new ab plan and weekly meal menus, so be sure to check those out!

I know you’re serious about getting in your best shape right now, so I am here to help you every step of the way.


What are the Premium Challenge Packs?

They take your challenge experience and results to the next level with exclusive challenge features and bonuses! They’re for the girl who is serious about results inside and out: achieving a fit and lean body, sculpting her core, planning ahead, feeling confident and making the absolute most of this challenge.

Yes… NEW Ab Plan 2.0 + Weekly Meal Menus!



*New Ab Plan 2.0*

We are a community who loves to rock those abs. While we are all stunning regardless of if we have visible abdominal definition or not, I want to help you get to that goal if that’s what you’re after. I’ve put together a 5 week plan to work perfectly alongside the challenge to help you sculpt that sexy core and feel confident. It’s intense but you’ll love the burn and results… I promise hehe.

*Weekly Meal Menus*

The Weekly Meal Menus are all about less rules, more enjoyment and amazing results when it comes to nutrition. Each week, you’ll receive 7 new, simple recipes to be able to make a homemade dish every day if you desire. How healthy yet fun does that sound?! I made sure to create recipes we would actually want to make with, of course, everyday ingredients and quick prep times. These will be made available to you every Friday for the following week so you have time to gather any food items if needed.

Upgrade Yourself with the Premium Challenge Packs:

Take your results to the next level and set yourself up for serious success. I put so much into these extras and exclusives so that you can truly get in your best shape and enjoy the process.


$60 $50

*Note: be sure to check your email first if you previously participated in this challenge, have purchased a challenge pack in the past or are a meal pan member!

*Note: the Premium Challenge Bundle is for those who don’t yet have the Meal Plan but would like to join at a discounted price; if you already are a meal plan member, opt for the Premium Challenge Pack.

Once you’re signed up, feel free to share the photo below with a caption on your #1 challenge goal. Be sure to use the official challenge hashtag #LGTeamKini to be eligible for the giveaway prizes



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