6 Steps to Make your New Year Resolutions Stick

The motivation this time of the year is sky high… can’t you just feel everyone’s energy buzzing?! There’s a temptation to go too hard too fast in just about everything, especially with health and fitness goals. This year, I was determined to make a change… no overly-hyped new year’s fitness challenge and instead, talking about an approach the breeds balance and success. I hope you enjoy it!

(1) RESOLUTIONS -> GOALS + Intentions

First off, scratch the word resolution from your 2017 vocabulary… I think we can agree that it’s pretty overused and for me, it doesn’t mean much. Terms like goals and intentions resonate. I don’t suggest doing this the next second, but sometime this week, set time aside to think about your goals and intentions for 2017. Goals… dream really frickin big, babe! Seriously! Write down things you want to accomplish but are almost afraid to put in black and white. To focus on that balanced life, set goals in many areas, such as fitness, nutrition, family, spiritual, profession, personal, etc. I also like to write down intentions, mantras or quotes that speak to me. It kind of like a song that’s stuck in your head but one that keeps you moving in a positive direction, you know?! 


Here’s where 90% of goal setting and resolutions go wrong. There’s no action plan. Three family members shared with me their resolution of “getting healthy” this year. Naturally, I was thrilled, but quickly discovered there were no action plans in place. That’s just setting yourself up for failure!

Break down a few of your big goals into monthly goals then into weekly goals then into daily goals. For someone dying to take a trip to Europe in 1 year that may look something like this… monthly goals: put X amount of dollars in Europe fund, solidify travel plans. A weekly goal may be: research hotels. A daily goal may be: book flights, pack. Break down big goals into smaller goals so they become achievable. I highly suggest a goal journal or notepad of some sort, so you can refer back to your bigger goals as you make your monthly, weekly and daily goal lists! OCD-ish friends, enjoy! hehe!


All of that I just talked about is lovely, right?! The reality is not many of us will actually stick to it because it’s not yet a habit. Habit formation is key to hitting every single one of our goals. Something seemly small that works well for me is lists/notepads/journals and a morning routine. Every evening, I start making a to-do list for tomorrow (mostly using my weekly goal sheet as a guide). This is also a “sleep well” tip because everything that pops into my head before bed, I write down! The next day, it’s all about an AM routine with finalizing that list and making a plan of attack for the day (among many other AM rituals lol). Starting the day with your goals in mind is a habit that will help you carry them out!


I mentioned one visual… the to-do list but the more visuals you can use to create habits and hit your goals, the better! Hey there, post-it notes! My computer screen is filled with them. I put them on door knobs to remind me of things as I leave the house. I stick some to my bathroom mirror. It may look a bit crazy initially (and seem that way too lol), but eventually the habit sticks and there’s no longer a need for a visual.

I have to say… I am “organizational /systematic” obsessed. I enjoy a little routine or system for everything, but my husband doesn’t like when I force my systems onto him – go figure lol. I giggle though when I see him doing his own little visual systems. He will put a workout accessory in a certain place to remind him to include a particular warm up exercise in his workout. However you can make visuals your own, do it because they work!


Some people are quiet about their goals, which I totally understand because unfortunately, not everyone around us will be an encourager. Still, I think it’s great to share goals with those you know you can count on for support and accountability. Fortunately for us, simply using #LGAccountability (or any of the many LG community hashtags) instantly connects us with girlfriends willing to cheer us on. Know who to share your goals with, but then have the courage to do so because it makes the journey so enjoyable!

(6) YOU

If you’re anything like me, you feel great setting goals but then the overwhelm sets in, thinking “can I really do this?” This year, I encourage you to really find your strength and believe in your abilities. I am a health and fitness enthusiast because I believe strength taught in the gym transpires inward… that inner strength is the greatest reward! Use it to live a life that is exactly what you always have dreamed.


Eat dinner at the table with Anthony 5x per week

I don’t know when we got in the habit of not always sitting down together or at the table, but it was a tradition my mom did every single evening until I graduated high school and I want to get back to it

Disconnect More

I love social media! But, I do find myself on my phone when I don’t even care to be. This year, I will strive to be more intentional with my internet usage. Jump onto social media to post or go through check ins then disconnect.

Purge + Organize

I was really inspired this past year to get rid of junk (maybe it was moving 8x in 3 + 1/2 years lol) and organize. This year, my goal is to have everything in my house have its own “home” so that things are much easier to keep clean.

Practice Acceptance

This year, I officially become a mommy. Nothing has forced me to practice acceptance more than being pregnant… although I’m sure motherhood will top that, so the more I can practice acceptance for what is in every moment, I’m confident the more I will enjoy whatever unexpected twists and turns this year brings!



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