#LGFitAndLean2016 Week 1 Fitness Schedule + Meal Ideas

Your fittest, leanest, happiest, healthiest year has arrived!

This challenge is going to be the start of your best year yet and I’m here to help you every step of the way.

I’m committed to helping you fall in love with weight training as you see how it transforms your body, elevates your attitude, and skyrockets your confidence and self-love! I’m determined to show you how enjoyable and effective the LG Meal Plan can be at helping you accelerate results! I’m coming at you from every different angle to make darn sure 2016 is YOUR year! Let’s go, girl!!


Here at LG.com, we break down the body into muscle groups and target specific zone(s) each day to ensure we’re working each muscle deep enough to break down those fibers ((remember…. when we break down our muscles and allow for proper rest + recovery, it is actually a good thing and part of the process to seeing results))

We’re serious about a sculpted, defined body + hitting each muscle group this way ensures success!!

For your planning purposes, I’ve outlined this week’s schedule below!


Monday: Legs + Glutes

Tuesday: Shoulders + Abs

Wednesday: HIIT Cardio + Core

Thursday: Biceps + Triceps

Friday: Chest + Back

Saturday: Steady State Cardio

Sunday: Stretch + Meal Prep

^Remember, this is just the schedule outline for you to plan your #LGGymDate The actual workouts will be posted each day right here at LaurenGleisberg.com


#LGGymDate = the planning Each night, take a look at your schedule for the following day. Just as you would schedule an important appointment, find time in your day for your workout. Ask a community member to hold you accountable at that time and do the same for her!! You will see where it’s easy to set up these dates and accountability each night when I post the preview video on Instagram!

#LGSweatSeshSelfie = the follow up When you follow through with that gym date, share it! Upload your post-workout selfie using the hashtag and prepare for the support and celebration coming from your LG community members!!


  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance band ((home)) or cable machine ((gym))
  • Jump rope ((or act super cool & just go through the motions ;))
  • Kettlebell ((dumbbells work as a great substitute)
  • Barbell ((optional – for heavier lifting if desired))


Get ready for it, girl… after we weight train to sculpt and strengthen, we are jumping right into body weight resistance intervals to shred and reveal those results. The lean portion of our workouts are used for: 1) muscle burnout 2) cardio incorporation 3) endurance + VO2 max training 4) abs +core

It may look like 2 workouts, but it’s really just two parts: 35 minutes total! These workouts are strategically timed- if you give those 35 minutes everything you’ve got, you’re going to be burning fat and building muscle all day long!! Thank you HIIT + EPOC 🙂


The LG mission is to ensure you’re feeling as good as you look with results inside and out! The Grateful Heart, Happy Girl daily Instagram photo challenge from Fitmas has officially been extended!

Each day you can share any type of picture related to the topic to fill your heart with gratitude and your soul with happiness! Be sure to use the community hashtags when you upload to connect #LGAccountability #LGFitAndLean2016Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 2.04.36 PM

Today’s Challenge: Introduce yourself to new community members by sharing a bit about yourself! This is also a great opportunity to connect with members near you, so also include #LGYourNearestCity in your posts!

Any #LGHouston out there?!

To all those just joining us, welcome! Don’t be shy… we love to meet new #LGSisters


In addition to getting your brand spankin’ new workout each day, there will also be a healthy habit for you to work on! I find tips are best when we have a practical way to apply them. So, over the next 6 weeks, get ready to acquire a slew of healthy habits to make this an enjoyable, effective lifestyle for you!

Why not start early, right?! Planning and preparation will be key to success this challenge!

Sundays = Meal Prep + Wednesdays = Mini Meal Prep in my house! Each Sunday, I use the LG Meal Plan like a menu and pick out 3-5 meals to prep! Here are the 5 I’m choosing this week… feel free to use them too!

Bonus Points if you use the Happy Healthy Life Printable Planner to track your meals, grocery lists + even plan your meal preps to your daily schedule!Week 1 Meals

Egg Scramble: EYWL pg 31, Chicken + Avocado Salad: EYWL pg 46, Creamy Green Protein Smoothie: EYWL pg 40, Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers: GFFG pg 48, Chicken Bruschetta: GFFG pg 54


Traditionally, I share a starter pack with each challenge, but we are shaking things up to keep us motivated and excited all challenge long! Each week, you’ll receive an email with a little something special to keep you going strong! Be sure you’re officially signed up below and keep an eye out for those emails ((if you’re signed up and not seeing them, be sure to check your spam folder))

Watch for one tonight!

With this challenge, you’ve got the fit, lean, happy + healthy components! I wanted to create a bundle for you to use alongside Fit and Lean 2016 to help accelerate your results by adding in nutrition + planning!



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