#LGFitmas Challenge: Shoulders, Core + Cardio (W3D4)



Thursday Training Tip of the Day: Progressive training…. it’s a nonnegotiable! Progressive training entails that each time you complete a workout of the same type ((ex: a run or leg weight training)) there has to be something progressive ((new and/or different)) about it that forces your body to work just a little bit harder. I’m sure you can think back to the first time you went for a jog. If you were anything like me, the first minute of running was the longest minute of your life. I remember checking my watch and thinking, “60 seconds?! That was at least 4 minutes” haha. The second time you went running, it got a little bit easier, didn’t it?! Weight training and our daily workouts are the same. If you’ve been doing a shoulder press for 15 reps using 10 pound dumbbells, you likely have found it easier each time.

I’m all about training smarter not harder to see results in the quickest, most efficient way and for that reason, I’m always switching things up to add in progressive elements! The next time you do a workout, try thinking of how you can make it new and different to push your body harder than last time!

Progressive Elements to Include:

  • Decreased rest between sets
  • Different exercises
  • Increased weight
  • Higher reps
  • Added cardio ((active rests))
  • Supersets/Trisets
  • Different equipment

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.58.11 PM


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.31.08 AM

It’s not to late to join in on this challenge!

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