Back & Biceps + Body Weight Cardio (Week of Fat Loss 2.0 Day 4 of 5) – 5/1

-Cable stiff arm push downs
-Dumbbell single arm rows
     superset with assisted pull ups
-Barbell reverse grip rows
     superset with inverted rows

-Dumbbell alternating curls
-Cable rope lying hammer curls
-Barbell preacher curls

Body Weight Cardio:
Full cardio workout available on downloadable workout version

Dollar a Day Training: Sets, reps, and weight suggestions are included on the downloadable
workout version, as well as my personal training tips and explanations
of exercise variations.

For this week’s combo pack (meal plan & 5 workouts):

Pretty serious back and bicep progress for me 🙂
Gym Style Details:
Top & Crops: Lululemon
Tip of the Day: As part of the week of fat loss 1.0 (last week), I shared fat burning
tips each day. For the theme of version 2.0, I would like to share tips
all week on how to make healthy living enjoyable. It is very common to
dive into a fitness/nutrition program instead of taking baby steps; in
this case, I believe taking baby steps is the key to seeing lasting

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