Chest & Shoulders – 6/14

Chest & Shoulders
-flat bench press
     -superset with decline push ups
-incline bench press
     -superset with incline push ups

-overhead barbell press
-barbell upright row
-cable side lateral raises
-seated rear delt raises

-15min cardio

TIP OF THE DAY:I get a lot of questions regarding “hot supplements,” which I consider to be those that come out of no where & gain a lot of popularity rather quickly. One of them is green coffee bean extract. I came across this article shared by Champion Fitness Network and wanted to share:

“Green Coffee Bean Effectiveness Questioned

A major ingredient in green coffee bean dietary supplements, often
touted as “miracle” weight- loss products, cannot prevent weight gain in
mice, a study said Wednesday, 6.12.13.

study, published in the U.S. Journal of Agricultural and Food
Chemistry, also linked the ingredient to an unhealthy build- up of fat
in the liver. Previous studies showed that coffee drinkers have a lower
risk of obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and other
disorders collectively termed the metabolic syndrome. Some scientists
suggested the weight loss benefit of coffee is derived from a polyphenol
called chlorogenic acid (CGA) in the un- roasted green coffee bean, but
they did not check its effects alone on obesity and other symptoms of
the metabolic syndrome.

In their study, researchers from the
University of Western Australia conducted a controlled dietary
intervention over 12 weeks in special laboratory mice that are stand-ins
for humans in such tests. The researchers reported that mice on a
high-fat diet and mice on a high-fat diet plus CGA gained the same
amount of weight. The CGA mice, however, were more likely to develop
disorders that often lead to type 2 diabetes. They also accumulated fat
inside the cells in their livers. “Our study does not support the
hypothesis that supplementation of CGA to a high-fat diet will protect
against features of the metabolic syndrome in obese mice,” the
researchers wrote.

“Further work especially on human
intervention studies is required to determine if coffee polyphenols are
able to protect against metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes in
humans,” they said.

Take-a-way: there is not a miracle pill or
potion to help rid your body of fat….it takes a consistent commitment to
an exercise program that includes aerobic and anaerobic work and a
healthy diet made up of sensible amounts of carbs, protein and fat.”

Perfect workout for rounding those delts (shoulder muscles)
FitnessBarbie Gym Style: 
Top: Old Navy (new)
Crops: Lululemon
So, I guess the gym isn’t the most popular place to be on a Friday night 😉
FitnessBarbie Style: business style; pretending to be Dr. Gleisberg at the dental office for a few days 
Outfit 1:
Top: Gap
Blazer: Gap
Black Denim: 7 for all Mankind 
Outfit 2:
Top: J Crew
Crops: Banana Republic 
 Outfit 3:
Top: Ralph Lauren
Crops: Ann Taylor

I’ve been trying to switch up my usual egg whites/oats breakfasts a bit & whipped this up – perfect sweet addition to any breakfast (I ate this with egg whites). Trader
Joe’s gluten free “rye-less rye bread” topped with Earth Balance
peanut & coconut butter & a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut! 

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    Finn Felton
    June 21, 2013 at 11:30 AM

    You can also try green coffee which contains chlorogenic acid which is excellent supplement to reduce body weight . It does so by increasing the metabolic rate of body hence more calories are burnt during normal physical activity .

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak

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