Cardio Day – 2/17

Cardio (treadmill):
-5min walking (warm up)
-25-30min HIIT
     20-30sec sprint
     20 sec squats
     30-40sec complete rest
-5 min walking (cool down)

*For the squats, I jumped off the treadmill belt onto the side rails and squatted right on there
*For the rest, I remained on those side rails & took a total rest (greatly needed for decreasing HR)

TIP OF THE DAY: HIIT Training involves high intensity interval training as the name suggests. A key to that is the intervals! Allowing yourself a sufficient rest period to permit a decrease in your heart rate is essential to this style of training. If you aren’t seeing these fluctuations, you are just doing a traditional cardiovascular training exercise; I suggest either a longer rest period or taking your rest periods from active rest to complete rest.

HIIT: high HR during the intervals, drops during the rest period! My heart rate was spiking during this workout; the squats were a simple yet completely beneficial addition to this workout!
Song of the Day: Diamonds -Rihanna
Find light in the beautiful sea. I choose to be happy”

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