Q&A Monday – ABS ABS ABS 12/10

Q&A Monday
Question: How many times a week do you work out your abs?
Answer: I figured this question would come after I posted my week 1 progress pictures. Would you believe me if said there are weeks where I go without doing any ab exercises? Would you believe me if I said that some of the professional bikini athletes (pictures who I’ve posted in this blog as my motivation) NEVER train their abs – not even for a competition? This past week, I trained my abs 2 or 3 times, but that is very rare for me. Abs are muscles, therefore, they will not be seen unless the layer of fat that rests above them is gone. The best ab workout you can do is to eat healthy and burn that fat away! I don’t want to say that sit-ups are a complete waste of time, but unless you have very little fat resting on that tummy, your abs won’t be visible until that stomach fat diminishes! Spend that majority of your time focusing on clean eating and overall body workouts, then once you are very lean, add in a few ab workouts every three or so days to make those abs pop; abs, just like any other muscle need rest to grow and develop, so you do NOT want to work them every day.

Question:What are the best ab exercises?
Answer: Having said that clean eating is thing you can do to see abdominal definition, once you’ve lost that stomach fat, there are a few ab exercises that are great in my opinion for targeting both the upper and lower abs! My favorite ab exercise is the extended crunch. Beginning on your back extend you arms above your head and feet out. Slowly contract your stomach muscles, bringing both your arms and legs into a crunch and slowly return back to the starting position. Another great exercise, especially for targeting those stubborn lower abs is leg lifts. Begin on your back and straighten legs out perpendicular to your body. Slowly lower legs down (just above the ground) and return to starting position. Those are two of my favorite ab workouts. So, eat clean to lose that stomach fat, revealing your abs, then hit the ab exercises to build those abdominal muscles!

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