Shoulders – 11/25

-smith machine military shoulder press

-side lateral raises with plates (10-12 reps)
     -superset with upright row with plates (8-10 reps)
          -superset with shoulder press with plates (5-7 reps)
(see picture for explanation)

-rear delt high cable pulls with rope

-side lateral raise shoulder machine
     -superset with dumbbell rear delt flys

-15 min cardio

This is an awesome giant set to add to any shoulder workout or to do alone on a total body workout; move. Move from side lateral raises right to upright rows then straight to shoulder presses. By the end of the shoulder presses, you should be barely able to move your shoulders! 
Shoulders = pumped 🙂
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break/weekend! I had a wonderful few days with my mom & Christmas decorating, which is our favorite! That was our receipt for some of our decorations – as long as my upper body =X

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