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Upper body training is something we can’t skip! Yet, so many of us only train our arm muscles, neglecting the two largest upper body muscle groups: the chest and back muscles. These two are incredibly important for overall strength as well as posture. Personally, I find adding in some cardio to chest and back day revs up the entire workouts. 



  • For each circuits, complete all 3 exercises back to back (with no rest in between), then rest and complete each circuit a total of 4 rounds
  • If you’re short on time, you can cut down the number of rounds to 2 or 3


“LG Sister Advice” – what advice can you share with a fellow LG Sister? Something you learned along the way or any words of encouragement you can give to a fellow community member #LGTeamKini #LGAccountability



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Photo Challenge Upload: “COSTUME” – happy halloween weekend! Whether it’s a year’s past costume or the one you’re doing this year, share a photo of your costume #LGAccountability #LGBeautyAndBooty



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Photo Challenge Exercise: I’m not a fan of looking back unless it’s 1) to see how much progress we’ve made or 2) to reflect on happy times. Let’s do some of that today!

Photo Challenge Upload: “TBT” – throw it back to a time or place that brings you happiness #LGAccountability #LGBeautyAndBooty

In my home, we go crazy for breakfast casseroles! Bake and serve! Reheat the next day! Ah, simple and delicious. You’re going to love this recipe!




+ instantly receive your welcome pack with all the challenge details!

ConfidenceKini Challenge: Upper Body (W5D5)

Today’s To-Do List:

[ ] Weighted Workout: Upper Body

[ ] Premium Ab Plan: Circuit Workout A

(workout HERE)

[ ] Photo Challenge

[ ] Community Check In

Upper Body

  • For equipment, feel free to use either a barbell or set of dumbbells for the exercises below


Premium Ab Plan

  • Today’s Ab Workout: Circuit Workout A
  • Find the Premium Ab Plan HERE

Daily Photo Challenge

PULL UP / PUSH UP PR: go for a personal record today! How many pull ups or push ups can you do? You’re stronger than you think! Always remember… it’s a you versus you competition and all about progress in your own journey!

#LGAccountability #LGTeamKini

Tip of the Day: Increase the weight beyond what your mind tells you. I’m never one to suggest heavy weights without reason. I think proper form is the most important element of weight training we can focus on. Still, it’s funny how our mind tends to trick us into getting comfortable with what’s familiar. If you’ve been curling those 10lb dumbbells for a year now, you’re probably pretty comfortable with that weight. Yet, our minds tell us… go for those 10 pounders each time we complete a bicep curl. Stretch yourself every once and awhile. Pick up that set of 15’s and curl them! When you complete the movement with proper form for suggested rep range, you may be surprised, but I’m certainly not! I know you’re so much stronger than you think! I still struggle with this. Just the other day, I realized I was dumbbell bench pressing the same weight for over a year; I increased it and completed it with ease. It’s almost like we forget to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. Our minds like to keep us safe, but stepping beyond our limits is where amazing things happen! Now that’s a lesson I need to learn to better apply to my life outside the gym!

Community Check In #LGTeamKini

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ConfidenceKini Challenge: Back + Biceps (W4D3)

Today’s To-Do List:

[ ] Weighted Workout: Back + Biceps

[ ] Premium Ab Plan: Plank Workout A

(workout HERE)

[ ] Photo Challenge

[ ] Community Check In

Back + Biceps

  • For all unilateral exercises (ex: single arm rows), complete the suggested reps on each side


Premium Ab Plan

  • Today’s Ab Workout: Plank Workout A
  • Find the Premium Ab Plan HERE

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.24.10 PM

Daily Photo Challenge

WOMEN WHO EMPOWER: share some love with a woman who is empowering you

#LGAccountability #LGTeamKini

Tip of the Day: This isn’t a tip, rather a friendly remind that you are, in fact, a women who empowers. I’m often asked why I started the #LGAccountability community and it always brings me back to when I first began my health and fitness journey. I’m sure you can remember years back when workouts weren’t trendy or talked about. Eating healthy was thought of as low-fat chips. I had a thirst for knowledge on how I could better my body and myself, but there wasn’t much out there other than overly produced fitness videos and models that seemed unrelatable. This community is everything I wish I once had, but it’s you that really brings it life. The community is made of up women from all different background. Women who are at different places in their lives and in their health journeys. Some have several children. Others are still in school. Yet, we all come together for one thing… to become our best selves and to lend support to others doing the same. This community is what is is because of you. Whether you realize it or not, every time you upload, comment or like a photo, you are a leader. You are someone that someone who you may not know is looking up to. You are the reason someone found the motivation to make a healthy decision. You are a women who empowers. I am so thankful you’ve decided to share that with this community! Your support is noticed and we are so grateful for it! Thank you!

Community Check In #LGTeamKini

To hold yourself accountable, check in with the community on Instagram!

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#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Chest + Back (W6D5)

Congratulations! Happy FriYAY!!

This is your final Fit and Lean 2016 workout… celebrate it! Feel all those amazing feelings from confidence to self love and excitement for life you’ve developed all challenge long! Flex long and hard… you’ve developed so much strength inside and out! Give this last workout your all!


  1. If you prefer to count reps, 30 sec -> 12-15 reps & 45 sec -> 15-18 reps
  2. For unilateral movements, 60 sec = 30 sec on each side



The end of a challenge is bittersweet…. there’s great accomplishment and joy in completing a challenge but sadness in it coming to an end. You won’t ever have to worry about your results slowing down. They’re actually about to pick up! Now that you’ve developed healthy habits in and out of the gym, you’re going to be ready for the advanced plan that’s about to kick off!

You will certainly want to swing by this weekend to see what I’m talking about! It just so happens that GALentines Day is this Sunday… I’m feeling the love and want to share it with y’all in the best way I know how *hint hint*

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#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Back + Glutes (W4D4)

Hello, HOURGLASS! Today’s workout is a unique combination of back, booty and abs… its the terrific trifecta to sculpt that hourglass shape! This target muscle trio is almost as fun as the back to belly rolls you’ll be doing in the lean portion of the workout to toast those buns and tighten that tummy!

Is it obvious I’m a wee bit obsessed with today’s workout?! I hope you love it just as much!!


  • Notation: BB = barbell, RB = resistance band, DB = dumbbell
  • If you prefer to count reps, 30 sec -> 15 reps
  • When you see 6 sets instead of the usual 4, it’s to allow for 3 sets on each side!



  • Stay on the ground the entire time through this workout by rolling from your back to your belly and back again to complete the movements below
  • To keep the intensity high, rest just a few seconds in between sets


Healthy Habit: Do you believe you can reach your goals?? I mean, I know you’ve set them and as many goal-setting experts would suggest, they should be goals that really make you stretch, but I want you to really dig deep and think…. do you believe you will some day reach the goals you’ve set? When I say believe, I don’t mean “yeah, sure, I think so” I’m talking about a “yes, for certain” type of thing. If you answered yes, GREAT! If you answered no, we need to talk!

MLK day recently reminded me of one of my favorite quotes: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” When we set goals, they’re often so big or so far in the future it’s hard to wrap our head around the reality of what that goal would look like in our lives.

Side note – if you’ve set goals whether in your health and fitness journey, in your career, with your personal life, etc. and they leave you feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone! The greatest of the greats experience fear! We all do! I believe those who succeed are those who allow their faith to be greater than their fear, and I want you to get in the habit of using my top tip for that!

The single most helpful thing I do with setting goals is to break one big goal down into smaller goals that act as stepping stones. It makes taking that first step in faith a whole lot less scary!

Let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds or want to make a career move ((like going from dental school to being a fitness professional haha, anyone know someone crazy like that ;)) or perhaps you’re really looking for love and marriage…. those are bigggg things. Often, too big that we don’t believe they will happen. Take a goal and break it down by thinking of several small steps you could take to getting there. When we believe we are capable and when we have the faith to overcome fear, we will achieve!

Habit Homework – Look over your goals and see how you can break them down into smaller pieces.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.20.44 PM



#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Chest + Back (W3D4)

If you’re reading this, it means you survived the single leg burpees yesterday! A lighter workout today is definitely what even your crazy trainer ordered! If you’re looking to rev up the intensity, make your rests active by adding in 30 seconds of jump rope or jumping jacks!


  • If you prefer to count reps, perform 15 reps instead of 30 sec


Healthy Habit: Do you tea?! If you’re not yet on the tea bandwagon, hopefully, by the end of this I can pull you on board! I’m definitely in the minority in that I don’t at all care for coffee, so when all my girlfriends would hit up coffee shops, I was got into tea by default. Years later, and I’m a total addict.

There are many benefits to various teas, but I rather be real deal and tell you the two biggest reasons I’m a tea-aholic, which really have very little to do with the actual benefits themselves. First off, I love tea because it helps me manage cravings. I often think becoming a healthier eater is less about “getting rid” of unhealthy habits and more about adopting new ones. For instance, I still crave flaming hot cheetos late at night and Trader Joes dark chocolate covered caramels in between meals, but I’ve become stronger in my healthy decision to reach for tea instead. And I invest in good teas! If they can help control my cravings, I’m all for it! The next time you’re craving something, try a tea instead! It may just do the trick!

Secondly, and to get a little more deep, which you’re probably finding I love to do here at LG… enjoying a cup a tea does something sort of magical to me. I would compare it to meditating. Tea time has the ability to center you. You savor every sip. You get really into the present moment. Worries seem to disappear. The tea warms your belly, but also your heart, filling you with the warm fuzzys. I not only crave tea, but the feelings I experience with it.

Here’s a list of my 3 Favorite teas:

Peppermint tea -> I enjoy this before bed and whenever I have a stomach ache because it actually relaxes muscles in the digestive tract, aiding in bloating, gas and indigestion. It also seems to really suppress my cravings late at night!

Chai tea -> my favorite tea in the morning for a natural energy boost. Have you tried the Energizing Chai Tea  Smoothie from the LG Meal Plan?! I LOVE it!

Green tea -> my go-to throughout the day! I love adding lemon juice to green tea!

Habit Homework – enjoy a cup of tea today! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.16.17 PM


#LGFitAndLean2016 Challenge: Back + Biceps (W2D4)

Any day we get to work those #LGLadyGuns is a great day in my book! Women who weight train not only develop strength in the gym, but also inner strength to overcome whatever life throws at us! Those lady guns you’re working on may just be your best asset… let them serve as a reminder that you are unstoppable!


  • If you prefer to count reps, 30s -> 15 reps
  • Rack pulls are a modified deadlift, only going down to about knee height, so you can work on increasing the weight; if you have a barbell, use it here
  • On the single arm rows, 60s = 30s each sideW2D4_fit_weight_workout


  • To turn up the intensity, shorten the rest time in between exercisesW2D4_lean_weight_workout

Healthy Habit: Smoothie smarter! We are the chicks who don’t stop… we go from one thing to the next and we need meals that can keep up with our busy schedules! Smoothies are a go-to within the LG community! I particularly love a smoothie in the morning and/or after my workout. Smoothies are quick and easy! As our health journeys develop, we can start to smoothie smarter! In addition to adding in items our bellies enjoy, why not look to throw in things to better our bodies?!



Spinach?? Yes, girl! I’ll even make you a promise… if you use other flavorful add ins, like fruit and nut butter, you won’t even taste it! Adding a handful of spinach is a great way to get veggies into your breakfast. Check your LG Meal Plan for 10 smoothie recipes you can slip this bad boy into!


The benefits of ginger alone make me want to add it to anything and everything possible. Inflammation is the root cause of so many diseases; ginger serves as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory! Especially useful for us, ginger has been shown to reduce the progression of day-to-day muscle pain and soreness. Even more, ginger is great for nausea and menstrual cramps! You can cut a small nib of ginger to place into your blender or use ground ginger! I particularly enjoy ginger in smoothies with fruits like orange, mango and pineapple or in fresh juices!


I rarely, if ever, have a smoothie without protein powder. Mostly because, you’ll never catch me eating a “meal” without protein. Protein should be the staple in any meal, especially for those of us focused on getting healthier and stronger! Protein packs the greatest punch in terms of food groups that can keep our bellies full and satisfied longest. It also works to repair broken down muscles after our weighted workout! It’s so easy to add to any smoothie, particularly for the busy babe who is looking for a complete meal to grab and go! Be sure you’re adding in enough protein per meal. For more on how much, check your guidelines in Eat Your Way Lean!


For healthy fat and fiber, ground flaxseeds are a great go-to! Just remember… make sure they’re ground ((you can purchase them that way or grind them yourself in a coffee grinder)) so that our bodies can digest them! Fiber comes in two forms ((soluble and insoluble)) and is one of those things I find highly underrated. Fiber is highly important in weight management as is promotes satiety ((you know I love that term!)) aka the state of feeling full! This happens because soluble fiber dissolves into a gel-like texture, slowing down digestion. Also, our overall health is highly related to the health of our gut. Since insoluble fiber cannot be digested at all, it helps food move through the digestive tract for a quick and healthy elimination! I also find it helps keep me bloat-free!


You may have this on hand for cooking, but have you ever thought about adding it right to your smoothie?! Coconut oil is one of the most healthy fats due to its unique fatty acid combination. Most of us think of saturated fats as the “bad fats.” The majority of fatty acids in our diets are in the form of long-chain fatty acids. Uniquely, coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides ((aka MCTs <- that’s one to remember)) MCTs are digested differently than most fats, going directly from the digestive tract to the liver where they can be used as a quick source of energy. Additionally, coconut oil contains loads of lauric acid, which is a potent immune system protector. Interestingly enough, lauric acid is also found in breast milk hehe. Use coconut oil as your fat portion in a smoothie… it’s pairs perfectly with bananas and strawberries!


This is a new one for me! Before you jump to add this to your smoothies, be sure to do some of your own research and ensure you can tolerate bee pollen. Now, I’m one who struggles BIG TIME with seasonal allergies and allergies to most cats and dogs! :((I grew up with 2 cats who I adored but when I went to college, I somehow developed an allergy)). I would do anything to try to naturally alleviate my allergies, so when I heard bee pollen buzzing ((pun intended lol)) in holistic medicine, I wanted to give it a shot. When we are allergic to something, our bodies create antibodies in response to allergens, which then release histamine… and you know the rest of the allergic reaction ((itchy eyes, runny nose, etc.)) Over the counter medicines work to reduce histamines to treat allergies, which bee pollen does as well! Have any of you tried bee pollen? I’ll keep you updated on whether or not I think it works!

Habit Homework – step out of your comfort zone today by adding in something new and nutritious to your smoothie! If you have a great add in, be sure to share it with the community! #LGAccountability

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