LG Sister Spotlight: Sally

The LG Sister Spotlight shines a light on all the amazing women that make up the LG Community. We are what we are because of the strong, passionate, warm, inspiration women that are committed to being their best selves and sharing the journey with each other. This community makes every workout, meal prep, grocery store trip and bite so much more fun. Today, we are spotlighting, Sally! Get to know this beauty below.



LG Sister FAQ
Name: Sally Goodwin
IG handle: lgfitness_sally
Age: 36
Location: Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Clerical/accounts at our family owned garage
Hobbies: Family time, walking our dogs and fostering cats and kittens for a cat rescue.

How did you first get started with your health and fitness journey?

I started getting interested in health and fitness a few years ago and probably started by doing all the wrong things and wasn’t consistent but everyone’s got to start somewhere. Started just by doing cardio till I found a love of weights. I also started experimenting in the kitchen trying to make healthier alternatives. It’s definitely all a learning curve. I’ve tried various  different plans over the years, but find the fitness and meal plans Lauren creates so effective and I actually look forward to meals and workouts.

What has been the biggest health and fitness myth you’ve worked through? (ex: carbs are bad, working out as much as possible)

I’ve unfortunately fallen for quite a few fitness myths in the past from thinking carbs and fats were bad for you to I’ll never lift weights because they’ll make me bulky and just did hours of boring cardio dreading my workouts! How wrong I was and thankfully I’ve learnt now! I also soon realised that I definitely wasn’t eating enough food to fuel my body especially when I started working out. Since following the meal plan I’ve definitely noticed improvement in my energy levels, mood and even my skin, nails and hair have improved.

How do you find balance with eating healthy and working out regularly?

You have to find what suits you and your lifestyle. For me time used to be a problem I was a member of a local gym, but sometimes struggled to get there at less busy times. I cancelled my membership and invested in some good home equipment it was definitely the best decision. I went from working out just a couple of times a week to 5/6 days a week. That’s another great thing about Lauren’s plans as there is always a really great home version with only a few pieces of equipment needed. I love to get up early and work out it makes me feel ready to face the day. I find I’m less likely to skip workouts that way too. When it comes to food meal prep is definitely the way to go but its all about balance I still like to have some treats every now and again too.

Do you have any tips for finding motivation when you have none?

I like to set myself a goal to give me something to work towards. That’s why I like to follow the plans. If we haven’t had challenge set then I just pick up a previous plan and work through that it stops me from getting repetitive with my workouts and keeps me focused and motivated.

How has the LG Accountability Community played a role in your success?

It’s lovely to see other ladies following the plans. I love the fact we have our own community to share ideas and motivate each other.

What advice would you share with a fellow LG Sister looking to get happier and healthier?

Find what suits you and don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon with food or skip a workout, we all do it. My main piece of advice would be don’t become obsessed with the scales, I haven’t actually lost any weight but look so much leaner and my measurements are smaller. It can become disheartening when the scales aren’t moving but it doesn’t mean your hard work isn’t working and always remember happiness comes from within. Eating healthy and exercise makes you feel good on the inside too not just the outside. Xx

Favorite Quote: Strive for progress not perfection
Favorite Book: I love healthy cook books, think it’s turning into an obsession.
Favorite TV Show: Definitely Friends
Favorite Movie: Any of the Adam Sandler movies (think Grown ups and Just go with it are my faves)
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere Sunny
Favorite Healthy Food: The pancakes from the eat your way lean cookbook.
Favorite Treat: Cheesecake
Favorite Weekend Activity: spending time with my family, whether it’s all sat on the sofa watching a movie or all out together walking the dogs.

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